Instagram Case Study - Malahat Spirits

Who: Malahat Spirits - A San Diego based craft distillery with a phenomenal product that is quickly gaining more and more popularity.  

When: 16-week Period (July 1st, 2015 - October 22nd. 2015)

Why: Malahat Spirits sought us out to assist them in translating their story onto Instagram and to also gain more exposure for their brand.

What We Did: By engaging with their existing fan-base as well as targeting new potential fans based on interest, we were able to rapidly grow their followers, likes and comments.

Results: By utilizing our services they were able to immediately begin increasing their followers, likes and comments

  • Followers: 907% Increase
  • Likes: 228% Increase
  • Comments: 284% Increase
  • Over 228 avg. monthly website visits directly from Instagram


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.36.32 PM.png

The Malahat Instagram page increased their average new followers per week from 17.35 to 258.69.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.36.40 PM.png

A true testament to the value of the service was the fact that likes and comments also increased dramatically.  This validates that the new followers gained were REAL and INTERESTED in Malahat's product.

When reviewing the types of comments received, it became clear that the page was driving new customers to visit the distillery and seek out their product for purchase online as well as in stores.

Conclusion:  By utilizing our services, the Malahat Instagram page continues to receive a week over week increase in followers, likes, and comments.