Why WiFi Is A Must

The facts don't lie.

Many of today’s customers want free WiFi, while others outright expect it, at least according to statistics reported by Hospitality Technology. Free WiFi ranked as an integral feature for 40 percent of modern diners while 65 percent of those heading to quick-service restaurants say they “absolutely expect” free WiFi to be available at the establishment.

Not letting your customers down is a prime reason to serve up free WiFi, but it’s certainly not the only one.  Here are some other reasons why you should consider it:

Provides Free Publicity

With instant, free Internet access, your customers are more likely to post oodles of photos of all your luscious foods. From sizzling entrees to savory desserts, every photo acts as free publicity for your restaurant.  Without free WiFi, that guest may wait to post it later (or not at all) because they don't want to eat up their cell phone data plan and/or don't have reception.

Draws Wider Range of Patrons

That coveted group of 18 to 34-year-olds is the most common group of restaurant goers and free WiFi is something this demographic expects.  

Expands Your Marketing Base

Manually gathering, and then inputting, customer emails can be a real time-eating, pain in the rear process. Offering free WiFi through a service that also collects customers emails means you can automatically collect that data through a customized WiFi portal. The best part? Collecting emails through WiFi means you typically grow your email list about five times faster than you would with all that manual gathering and inputting – while putting in merely 25 percent of the effort.

Adds an Alluring Personal Touch

When you take your WiFi to the next level, you have the power to make things much more personal for your customers. Make sure to use a service that offers free WiFi for your guests each time they visit and one that remembers them and tracks each time they sign in.  Whatever solution you pick, it should allow you to treat returning guests differently than new guests, and display customized messages depending on visit frequency and behavior. That personal touch can do wonders for your business, bringing back lost customers while helping to ensure that repeat customers turn into loyal ones.

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