User Generated Content: Milkcraft

We live in a day and age where the digital and physical world are blending together more than ever.  For the first time ever, when concepts and designs are formulated, it is with social media in mind.  From the selection of the wall finish, to the furniture, to the product itself, savvy business owners are now strategizing on how it will translate into the digital and social world.

But why?

The reason why for this isn't just to be trendy or cool, in fact, there is a huge potential ROI in investing in a concept and design that becomes "social media gold"

Design and Products that translate well in photos = User Generated Content

"User-generated content" is a popular word in the digital marketing dictionary, and for good reason. It's not just a buzz word, it's a goal for which digital marketers are striving. Essentially, customers become your promoters. Guests provide the imagery that become your billboards. And, not surprisingly, consumers trust the experiences of other consumers more than any direct marketing. Boosting user generated content is imperative to a strong social presence and reaching a broader net of consumers. 

To increase user-generated content (UGC), companies should inspire their customers to share. An great example of excellent UGC is our client, Milkcraft. Located in Fairfield, CT, Milkcraft is firing on all social cylinders with an ongoing stream of hashtags, customer posts and more. They've reached 5000 followers in under 2 months of business by relying almost solely on posts and reposts of beautiful customer images. Not to mention, Milkcraft is experiencing an exceptionally high engagement rate averaging close to 10% on some images. (4.3% is the national average.) Comments on photos have peaked at 132!

So, what are they doing differently? Let us begin by bringing attention the fact that Milkcraft's products are inherently "Instagram-worthy." The bubblecones are unique, the ice cream bright. It's fun and indulgent, and it's exactly what social media users love! Nevertheless, Milkcraft is also utilizing a number of techniques to drive quality UGC. They designed a popular chalk graphic wall and incorporated into it specific hashtags, fun phrases and photo spots to encourage customer to participate. Milkcraft is using unique software to display user-generated content on their TVs in the store in real time. Guests are instructed to use #milkcraft to see themselves on TV. And who doesn't love to see themselves on the screen?!? 

Finally, Milkcraft is actively communicating with their followers, responding to comments and reposting customer photos. These shout outs are an easy way to thank users for sharing and hopefully motivate them to continue. 

Let your customers do the talking. Inspire user generated content for your brand. 

Vincent Di NinoComment