3 Crucial Website Design Tips For Businesses

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What is the #1 goal of your website?

It seems like a simple question but surprisingly it's often overlooked.  Beyond all the pages, features, and integrations, every website should have a single core goal and everything else should come second to that goal.

When its all said and done, every website has the same end goal which is to increase sales.

Often times though, the goal can get lost amongst wanting to tell the visitor EVERYTHING about your brand or service.  Secondly, tracking whether or not a website is increasing sales can sometimes be a difficult task.  

Here are some crucial things to keep in mind when considering your website.

1. The speed of your site is crucial.

Pull up your website on your desktop or laptop, as well as your smartphone. How fast does it load on each those platforms?  Chrome browser, Safari browser, even good old Internet Explorer. Mac. PC. On Wifi. 3G. LTE. In California.  In Pittsburgh.  

Whether you like it or not, you’re now living in high-speed Internet time. The days of your site taking 15 seconds to load are over. It’s now or it’s never.

It doesn’t matter how in demand your product is, if it doesn't load fast enough, you're losing business.

Speed is the key.

Make sure your site is well-optimized for speed, without bogging down the process.

And finally, speed has two elements: the speed of loading your website, and the speed with which a consumer can get an order placed/fill out a form. You should be measuring both of those in terms of time, and the latter in terms of number of clicks.


2. KPIs: Think like an e-commerce marketer and track conversions.

It’s all about conversions. Do you track this occasionally? It should be looked at weekly if not daily.

We've been able to create a 100+% increase year over year in new customer conversions for several of our clients. This can all be attributed to focusing in on the specific goal of creating conversions on the site.

So you have google analytics set up. Now what?  It's not just about tracking traffic, but actual conversions.  What do you consider a conversion?  Where are these conversions coming from?  How can we drive more of our marketing efforts to those sources?


3. Market your website obsessively.

The top two places you want to send your customers are your website and your physical location (if you have one).  Forget Facebook, forget Twitter, forget Instagram.  Sound crazy coming from an agency that focuses heavily on social media?  We certainly aren't discounting the incredible value of social media, but the fact is, once you HAVE the customer, you want to get them back onto your website first before anywhere else.

Why do I say this?

Because you own your locations and your website. The rules for using and leveraging Facebook change monthly. Twitter has adapted over time as well. And Instagram is about to undergo some major business changes.  Bottom line, you don’t own your social media channels, and their value could change at any moment.


What do you think? Agree or disagree?

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