Your Keys to Increasing Instagram Engagement

When talking about Instagram, our first measure of “success” is often the number of followers. Seeing the number increase is, of course, a great barometer and easy way to track the fruits of your labor. That said, the number followers don’t always equate to a strong following. We’ve all seen those accounts: 16k followers, but only 47 likes?? When the followers vs. engagement seems too far off, it’s likely many of those followers were bought in one way or another. 

When using Instagram for business, followers are important. Engagement, however, is more important. Engagement shows that real customers are sharing and potential customers are intrigued. According to Spout Social, users engage on Instagram far more than any other social media platform at 4.21%. That means the profile with 15k followers and 150 likes is only achieving a 1% engagement rate. At 4.21, that account should be averaging 631 likes! So, if you have quality likes, comments, video views, remember that they mean so much more than having an uninterested mass of followers.

As you’re building your following and trying to improve your engagement rate, we have a few Instagram Engagement Tips that we like to use with clients:


There’s nothing quite like that perfect foodie photo or stunning shot of your product, but to improve engagement on photos, put a real customer in the shot. This can be reposting great customer posts, having designated staff members take photos or bringing in professional photographers to capture real moments. Some things you just can’t replicate.


We love to ask questions in both our captions and in comments. If you are lucky enough to have followers who want to engage, you better engage! Respond to comments promptly and try to extend the conversation by asking additional questions. Engaging in this way increases the number of comments a post has, of course; but it also gives you (the business owner) insight into what your customers think and want. That information is invaluable...and it’s coming from a free platform!


We love to feature the employees. Simply put, they’re integral to your success, and they’re also a key to increased user engagement. These types of photos highlight the hardworking people behind the scenes and helps brand your business. These types of photos can be #bts or behind the scenes, they can recognize certain employees for their achievements, or share fun group photos in and out of the workplace. You are literally putting a face, or faces, to your brand. Remember, when using this approach it’s important to keep it natural. They aren’t your spokesmodels, they’re your employees.

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