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eCapture Wi-Fi Marketing



Get More Repeat Customers

Reaching out to new customers and your regulars has never been so easy. With our eCapture email marketing solution, you can capture new customers, grow your fan base and share relevant news about your business, automatically. Without all the fuss. Fit for restaurants, bars, cafés, retailers & more.

Grow Contact Lists

Grow your email marketing contact lists faster and easier than any other method.

Automate Your Marketing

Create automated email & text message campaigns to increase customer visits.

Know Your Customers

Harness the power of data to learn more about your customers’ behavior with analytics.


We have revolutionized email marketing for brick and mortar businesses. Our clients experience an exponential growth in the collection of more emails, open rates, click rates, and ultimately more return visits. We help you leverage the power of your Wi-Fi to obtain client information and learn more more about them.

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Grow Contacts


Benefits of eCapture Wi-Fi Email Marketing

Customer contact lists are extremely lucrative and highly effective for driving more repeat business. Collecting email addresses and phone numbers is the first step towards building a profitable relationship with your customers.

When someone gives you their contact information, they are asking to be engaged by your business. eCapture Social Wi-Fi makes building your customer contact lists effortless.

  • Acquire an email or phone number from every customer who accesses your Wi-Fi
  • Create easy Wi-Fi access for your customers and advertise your products on the log-in page
  • Use eCapture to create automated email campaigns or export contact into 3rd party email marketing tools

Features of eCapture Wi-Fi Email Marketing

  • Custom splash page: Style to match your brand, showcase your merchandise or promote daily deals and upcoming events.

  • URL redirect: Upon authentication, send users to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to increase your social presence. Alternatively, you can send connected users to your website to learn more about your business.

  • Authentication methods: Allow users to connect through 6 different authentication methods – Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Email or Phone.

Automated Marketing


Benefits of eCapture Campaigns

Create highly effective promotions using the automated marketing capabilities of eCaputure Campaigns. Set-and-forget personalized emails and text messages that will keep customers coming back again and again.

Save time while improving the customer experience and your brand presence.

  • Schedule message delivery days, weeks and months in advance
  • Embed digital coupons within email and SMS campaigns
  • No mobile app is required by your customers

Features of eCapture Campaigns

  • Track email opens, click-through rate and coupon redemption rates through the eCapture dashboard.
  • Simple to use with no technical background required.
  • Create campaigns using a combination of the following rules and triggers:

– Upon entering your venue
– Upon exiting your venue
– After a certain amount of visits
– On customers birthdays
– Customers that haven’t visited in X amount of days
– First time customers
– Recurring days and time



Know Your Customers


Benefits of eCapture Analytics

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your customers, the better you can tailor the guest experience to impress them.

eCapture's Analytics makes it easy for you to collect a wealth of information that you can use to grow your business!

  • Easily interpret information using a variety of graphs, charts and infographics
  • Learn who your best customers are and how often they visit
  • Analyze the health of your business with more than POS data

Features of eCapture Analytics

  • Export your data to a CSV file
  • Compare data across multiple venues and timeframes
  • Access the following metrics within your eCapture dashboard:

– Overall foot traffic
– New visitors
– Returning visitors
– Outside opportunity
– Repeat distribution
– Gender
– Age
– Network trends
– Visit duration
– Social Wi-Fi users