A Game-Changing Email Marketing Strategy


How a neighborhood pizza and craft beer restaurant went from 0 to 10,000 emails in 1 year and 1k to 12k+ REAL LOCAL & RELEVANT followers on Instagram.

Services Utilized:

eCapture Email Marketing

Instagram Targeter


The Problem:



Regents Pizzeria, a premium fast casual restaurant located in San Diego, struggled to create and grow a client email database. Prior to eCapture, they collected emails through comment cards and from dropped business cards in a fishbowl at each location. Although they had good intentions, often times the data would never even get entered into the database and forgoteen. There was also a long lag in sending information to customers who had submitted their email.


Regents equally had trouble with gaining more followers on Instagram. They had a solid content strategy and were consistent with their posts, but despite all their efforts, they struggled to draw in their current and potential customers to the page.  

The Results



Email Stats (12 month period)

  • Total Emails Collected: 10,036
  • Customers brought back via email marketing: 3,964
  • Incremental revenue gains: $79,280
  • New email addresses per day: 25
  • "Come Back Rate": 18% (customers who returned to the location within 7 days of visiting)

eCapture allowed Regents Pizzeria to collect email addresses effortlessly, and immediately adds them to the database, getting rid of any delay. Regents customers receive a relevant and timely message as soon as they walk out the door, which keeps them engaged with the brand. Instead of a static email list, Regents now has a “smart” database full of information, including a customer’s visit behavior, which they use to send emails that bring customers back.

Regents utilized the new email database to promote one-off events which they were able to sell out simply by sending one email.  In addition, they increased the number of guests that signed up for their loyalty program by automatically sending each new guest that signed up for the wifi an invitation.




Results were also immediate with the targeter program.  Not only did they receive considerable growth of new followers, but their likes and comments shot through the roof.  Clicks directly from Instagram to their website also dramatically increased.  

Instagram Stats (12 month period)

  • Total New Followers Gained: 11,076
  • Average Likes Per Post: 177.8
  • Average Comments Per Post: 6.1
  • Click from Instagram to Website: 872

Email Database Growth

Using WiFi system